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Wood Stoves and Goats: Hannan Charity Report

Tue, May 6, 2014

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Wood Stoves and Goat Project: The Hannan Charity Report

Wood Stoves
Upon arrival in the town of Boumia, about one and half hours from El Borj we met a man called Lahsen who built stoves. We chose a stove style with two areas on the top–one for a tea pot and another for a cooking pot. The stoves were as quoted 350dh and Lahsen said he would have ten built. We arranged to have them transported to Khenifra and from there we arranged a van to take them to El Borj where we stored them in the school until a few days later when we gathered ten families who were to receive the stoves. Hmad gave a safety talk and then each family was given their stove. One lady was ill and quite old so her son came instead. One lady then stood and offered thanks from all those receiving the stoves and asked that thanks be conveyed to the “other” charity who provided the funds for the stoves.

Obtaining the goats proved far more difficult. We had been told that these goats could be obtained in a place called Sidi Kacem but no one was able to tell us exactly if the goats were available at the souk or another place. Some people then mentioned that there was a goat farm north of Fes where we could obtain some milky goats. After trying the Fes Ministry of Agriculture, who were rather vague, we decided to drive to the area where we finally found this farm. It was owned and run by the King of Morocco and had extremely tight security. A man appeared and informed Hmad they would not have any of these goats until December. We left very tired and somewhat disappointed but not willing yet to give up. We also found out that these goats would have cost between 6,000 – 8,000dh which was much too expensive.

By word of mouth and through a friend of Hmad’s brother-in-law we managed to meet a goat breeder in the very north of Morocco in Chefchouan. As we had scout leaders arriving on Monday, April 26th and three girls also arriving to work in the pre-school, we decided to travel to Chefchouan to meet Khaled who said he had the type of goats we wanted including a Billy goat which he had purchased from the King’s farm.

Hmad–having looked after his father’s goats when younger–inspected them. These are pure bred Alpine goats and do give a good quantity of milk. Hmad and I had discussed the price given which was 4,000dh for each goat and decided that our charity Hannan would pay the extra money as Hmad had recently ran the Milton Keynes marathon and had raised £2,500 in sponsorship.

We arrived in El Borj around 12:30am where someone in the village who was going to receive one of the goats had prepared a place for all overnight until we were able to distribute them the next afternoon. We brought the ladies together and put the names in a hat to assign the goats and Billy to each lady. We took photographs and video of both the wood stoves distribution and the goats. Once again the ladies asked us to send their appreciation for this opportunity.

One of the ladies reported that already the goat is following her around and will not leave her side.
Here are the details of the families who received the goats:

Naatit Fatima – 35 years old with two boys aged 12 years and 2½ years. Her husband obtains temporary work when he can.

Ousbigh Fatiha – 30 years old has two girls 9 years and 2 years and one boy 13 years. Her husband has a small farm.

Oubaalla Fatima – 38 years has one girl 17 years old, three boys aged 13, 5, and 3. Her husband is a temporary farm worker. Each lady will take the Billy goat in turn.

A record card will be kept for each family and will monitor mainly by photographs and interviews with mum’s regarding the improvement in children’s health including basic information.

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